Sexy Knotty Knickers Or Not Review

Knotty Knickers is a Canadian women’s underwear website providing panty lovers in North America and the UK with the option to buy new underwear every month on autopilot with a subscription of their choice.

Knotty Knickers

You simply decide on a membership package suitable to your budget, add some additional lingere options to your order if you want to and your underwear game will be automatically refreshed monthly or according to your preference.

Each month brings new colors plus different styles to your mailbox and the price starts at $3.99CAD per panty plus shipping depending on your subscription.

The big deal is you get to choose your preferred panty style and the option to buy as little or as many as you wish.

Quite frankly the quality of the Knotty Knickers is the same as the underwear purchased on the Wholee App for the same price or cheaper plus the styles you receive may or may not be what you would personally pick. Although there is the risk of being disappointed you can also be pleasantly surprised. Personal experience was fifty-fifty with the first order being exactly what I would pick and the second being the complete opposite.

The main benefit is the delivery is a lot quicker and far cheaper with Knotty Knickers than most online shopping apps used so far.

Plus you can create a subscription package with your style preference and change the details for your future order.

Knotty Knickers Panties

Whether you prefer to wear sexy bikinis, boy shorts, briefs or some risqué thongs Knotty Knickers has an underwear style you can add to your subscription. However, you can receive styles which may be different from your usual choices in your order.

My favorite features are the sizes are a true fit and goes up to a 3X which is another inclusive feature about the brand. The materials are also very comfortable and breathable.

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